Well what do you know…..

Tonight he made 3 baskets during Basketball practice!!! Talk about a proud kid who carried himself well in a first time sport that he knew nothing of before the beginning of 2015!!!! He even cried when tonight’s practice was over!! Y’all, Connor has NEVER cried when a sport was over…. not on t.v., not at the park, not at an event, not in the dark… not here, not there, Connor has NEVER cried about sports ANYWHERE!!! (Yes, we love Dr. Seuss just a tad, maybe!) So you see I have to believe the ripple effect of this one night from a week ago, has now caused our child to be empowered with some kind of confidence that he’s never experienced before ….ever with a sport of any kind!

I still don’t know this little girl’s name but I have a mission to find out before the end of this season and she’ll at least get a “thank you” from a mom who spends countless hours trying to search for the very key ingredient that’s always missing from these social engagements that our son so desires to be a part of even though he struggles at different levels of the engagement. I use to think that missing “ingredient” was just awareness, but then I decided that it had to be more of acceptance (something talked about far and wide in the circle of needs within the autism community)  ……but now after the past two weeks I would almost say it’s almost more about self confidence and approachability! I don’t know if this little girl (or “that dad”) were aware of autism before having met my son but I do know that she was accepting of him, she was self confidant and she was approachable in the sense that she did not turn away from Connor nor his actions and instead stood her ground in the beginning and later on in the days after sought him out even!    

I don’t believe in fairy tale endings and I don’t believe that Connor will grow up to play for the NBA but I do know for the first time in my 9 year olds life he has true confidence involving a sport given to him by a younger child that has “grown him” in ways that we’ve yet to uncover! I also know…. we will get up tomorrow morning and have oatmeal and after school we will be discussing Bakughans the entire ride home!



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