It’s a good thing …to laugh!

So….quick random post from driving home on Friday that made me stop to think: Does the world know….those with autism can be funny? Connor can be quite funny at times but he does not understand sarcasm at all and it indeed confuses him. Here is my post to prove these kids have the ability to understand something funny.

Driving in the car on the way home from school my foster son, a toddler we call “Tater Tot” has discovered his finger fits perfectly in his nose …and he won’t leave this new found fun alone. As soon as Connor hops in the car he announces what Tater Tot is doing and begins to question why his little brother would be so gross? I tried to explain how all toddlers go through this stage of exploration when it comes to their nose and that “its just a new hole he’s discovered, he’ll quit doing it soon enough”……to which point I hear Connor reply: “that’s no hole, it’s a booger factory!!!!!”

I know a lot of the not-so-fun things that we struggle with and have no easy fixes for but this child’s humor, however, can be spot on sometimes…. I laughed the entire drive home!



5 thoughts on “It’s a good thing …to laugh!

    • Tina ….he was not expecting me to think it was so funny but how can you NOT laugh at that. It took him a minute to realize that I thought it was great and then he realized just how funny he was ….it was like a light bulb went off!!


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