zeusd1-KIMR-881136Isn’t it great when one of your kids takes notice to something that they had not previously before! It often seems that kids with an ASD tend to only focus their day around one interest or very limited interest and it becomes difficult to “grow” a greater thinking of the world around them due this! We have made many strides with our son as I have mentioned before and he now has a very wide range of interests through lots of exposure to different hobbies, sports, and fun activities over the last few years. As great as it is when our kids take interest in something new and notice something …sometimes ANYTHING new we can get overjoyed with beyond words, right? I remember riding down the road with Connor after he had been in his first week of vision therapy, (which was something we had taken a BIG leap of faith on and tapped into a huge chunk of our savings to try in hopes of helping with some of his visual processing issues), and he says “Hey, I see that house and a building and a truck too!” He had never noticed anything outside of our car before, ever! Then he went on and asked me to play “I Spy” with him which is something he could never do in past attempts because of his visual impairments! We did this the entire car ride home! I remember crying for the entire day!! Then there’s other silly but big stuff like, oh the first time understood a funny joke or when HE actually delivered a joke himself correctly or the first time he was finally able to answer the telephone correctly, the first time he noticed we had a mailbox and wanted to get the mail out, the first time he wanted to answer the door when someone knocked, the first time he finally buttoned his pants, the first time he noticed a friends child was sad and wanted to make her happy ~ just “things” that all too often get taken for granted in the land of the typical child ….but ALL things that happened VERY late for our child AND we celebrated like we had hit the lottery, with each and every one of these particular “milestones” if you will, because to us …they we OUR kids’ milestones and they we each huge in the sense that he was not suppose to be ale to accomplish many of them ….according to ‘A Diagnosis!’ ….*WHATEVER*!!!!!

So then….. there was LAST night and the THINGS he noticed and I will go ahead and tell you that this momma was NOT prepared last night for the kiddo who was snuggling with his favorite stuffed animal and waiting on dad to come and read him a story before bed like always , who looks over at me sitting on the side of his bed and he looks up and begins to take note that I in fact was not the same as he was! (MY BODY, THAT IS!!!!) AND to make matters worse, this was not just in speak he reaches over and pats my shirt and says with a giggle even “What’s these big things?” ………OH MY LAWD…..WE HAVE WENT THERE……IS RUNNING THROUGH MY MIND RIGHT ABOUT THEN!!!! WHAT TO SAY???? WHAT TO SAY?????MAYDAY,MAYDAY!!!!!!…..I’M GOING TO CRASH LAND NOW……

And then I spoke words I didn’t know I had in me and simply explained how I had been given these “things” by God in order as a mommy to take care of my babies! Then Mr. Curiosity  himself looks down at his body and says “But what do I have?” To which I said in a rather matter of fact fashion …”No. Only Mommies have these “things” by which to take care of their babies.” 

There was a long pause between us.

He then looks up with this all knowing grin and smiles and says “So, You be like a Queen Ant with babies, huh!” “Cool!”

And there it is folks ….he knows that I have “big things” “Like a Queen Ant” and “it’s Cool” Somehow, I thought at the end of THAT talk I would be the one to end up needing therapy because I thought a mighty big talk was about to start about some dang “Birds and Bees” and I would be up all night looking up good head doctors FOR MYSELF!! Instead, I’d like to thank Whatever PBS type Nature show that just so happen to spotlight a Queen Ant and her never ending job of taking care of her babies, because apparently you have given my child a safe generalization I can live with for a bit longer!!!

 ~ Alas, it’s all good ….this is easier than we make it out sometimes, go kiss your kids for….. “The Queen” has spoken!



2 thoughts on ““THE BIRDS & THE BEES” …….and ANTS?

  1. Bahahaha ok Johnny and I were in Montgomery walking into a meeting when I look down at my phone to see my name…I read as we stood in this long line…and then I read it…I BUSTED out laughing and my husband must have a sore neck because he flipped around to see me with this quick glance like a daddy gives a child. I am like but NOOO read it!!! I love this child!


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