You are my son’s challenge and I accept you: daily!

Does the heading above for my letter to Autism sound odd to you? It is my son’s birth right, if you will, but “I” accept it daily! What is this you say? Me, accept it daily, how dare….. Wait, let me explain please….

It is “his” diagnosis yes, not mine and it is a part of him and not all of him let me first say that so that we are clear! Now, let me say that again: It is “his” diagnosis and it is a part of him and not all of him and a part of him that is a challenge daily that I wake to each and every day. I greet it with my first cup of coffee and it joins me in my first prayers of the day before I can even begin them. It follows him to school in our car and into the classroom inside his backpack. His challenges stay with him through the morning hours of learning and even through the lunchroom and bathroom after that. They have not left him as he attempts to make friends on the play ground at recess late in the day either, for his challenges have hung on tightly up until I roll up in that pick up line to get him and he greets me with an all too familiar “sigh” of relief each afternoon.

Yes, Autism you cause many anxieties and uncertainties in the life of my son and I know you will continue to attempt this therefore YOU ARE MY CHALLENGE!!!! I TAKE YOU ON DAILY AND IT IS PERSONAL!!!!! I could choose to sit back and let you work your destruction through his life and turn a blind eye to what might come of him but Autism…..that is NOT going to happen, you’ve picked on the wrong family! I will question his diagnosis, I will question his therapies current and future, I will question his education ~ each and every year, and I will question other “obstacles” down the road. So far, just so far from questioning these things this child of mine that once had no words, is now a very verbal 2nd grader who made the honor roll this year! Not to mention he’s tried his hand at horseback riding and even got the chance to play on our city league basketball team, (a team sport hmmm, Hello Autism ~ You normally say those with Autism just cannot play in “team” sports, well take that shut up juice Autism!), where he not only learned to put one through a basket but also and this is the best part (so listen up, Autism), a bunch of 9 and 10 year olds accepted him, more or less, for who he is …just a kid, like them!

Autism, you no doubt will continue to challenge US and WE will take you on DAILY!!! I, for one am not worried, I have a lot of COFFEE and PRAYER awaiting you!!!! See you in the morning hours ~ as always!IMG_20140214_205157-001


2 thoughts on “You are my son’s challenge and I accept you: daily!

  1. Margie Tollison says:

    That thing called “Autism” has been a challenge from the time you became aware that it was going to be a daily part of your life . You have been & will continue to be a tough opponent . You will take on the challenges at school , at home , on the ball field , anywhere those “stepping stones ” in Connor’s life take you ! He is so blessed to be able to do so many things that “Autism” says “he can’t ” but you say “he can try ” and accomplish so many times . You are a tough opponent & Connor is an awesome child ( who , when given the opportunity can accomplish many things ! Prayers for you , as you accept this challenge , daily .


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