Today, they win!

Autism is often a long confusing list of endless reasons to hate the day you ever heard the doctor dare utter the words to you regarding your loved one and until you find the much needed therapies to assist you and your loved one, the despair that comes with such a diagnosis is grounds for life changing amounts of stress! Okay, so we’ve talked about the rough start to how it often begins for families and the newness of ‘life on the spectrum’ ….but this is not what this post is about tonight!

Fast forward if you will, after 6 1/2 years of hard core, hand tailored and structured, long hour, type therapies ….to TODAY! Today we had a 4 hour play date with a buddy, (also on the spectrum), that went like this: They shared lunch, played video games, watched a movie, had a nerf gun war and rode bikes and scooters, together! Not one meltdown or tough moment to work through from either kiddo!!! Guys ~ this is like the super bowl of social interaction! My child, my only child… until I decided to start the fostering to adopt process, who thinks that “sharing” is the other kid watching my child play ……shared!!! EVERYTHING!!!! People, I can see where my millions of dollars in therapy is finally making a dent!!! No, really …all kidding aside it is days like these that I do also acknowledge and want to thank the other family with whom we have shared this day with, (and they know who they are), for they too should revel in the fact that they have helped their child to overcome social hurdles that our children are often told they are incapable of doing……well they indeed did it today and did it BIG!!!!

Autism, today you did not win this round but instead our kids did and you were nowhere to be seen! Today, Autism our kids kicked your tail and sent you packing back to where you belong!! Today, we were just a normal family hanging out with our buddy and having a good day and enjoying the world as it was meant to be if you were a kid~ with friends!



4 thoughts on “Today, they win!

  1. Love it! And you are exactly right. It is days like that you truly want to define …NORMAL…what exactly is normal? Is it like you say here…two boys playing video games, watching movies and riding bikes? Is it the fact that they played for 4 hours with out the ugly word…meltdown..we typically deal with much more than most see? How proud you should be…YOU momma and daddy…to sit at the end of the day and realize all that money, endless hours, going from early morning to late night…with many meltdowns…maybe even some of your own. There is no better feeling than taking the time to look back and say…Yes…it was ALL worth it!

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    • Hey, Hey now ….them are some tall shoes to fill my friend!!! Tina, if you would also take a bow yourself and you know you should!!! Our kids ….ALL these kids out in the world that need help, and doctors and medications and therapies ……and do this and do that’s …..AND you know what, NOT last Saturday!!! Last Saturday we made sure MOST of the toys were pulled out and enough toys were drug out to feel like two boys had some fun and yet to do it all again, this momma is sure she could have fit a few more ideas into the day, LOL!!!! I don’t care what anyone says about my normal comment …No, I’m not trying to make him normal, I love my child the way he is and always will!!! He has grown to want playdates and friends and feels the social “norms” that he has never noticed before and now he’s struggled to gain some of that now!!! I look forward to many more of these playdates in the future!

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