Autism: You suck eggs!


…..I’ve been ready to post those exact words for days now, cause let’s face it sometimes even in our best efforts IT JUST DOES! Actually, my posting would have read something more like this…..

“Notes from the last few days of parent fails:

AUTISM: You suck eggs right now, you do! Tomorrow however and the next day too, we start all over! And alas, in 5 days thank you, Jesus, we go on a very long awaited family vacation that will help to make it better, it will!”

But then, ….I didn’t get the few extra minutes this morning to post that and I ended up dropping the Hero off at his 2 hour class and I went on with other business, (some norms like quick shopping for last minute school supplies), and then I met with one of the Hero’s summer therapist about his progress with her over the past 8 weeks. Upon leaving the building and getting in our car, it was then that I noticed a few moments later ….a mom with a different little hero. He had tears and screams and a red face all too familiar in the community we call ‘autism’! Then there was also a caring therapist by his side attempting to calm the worries of this little, super dude ….I felt the mom’s pain, instantly, and I wanted to go hug her after they were able to get him to walk inside. The mom, this superhuman mom, wiped the tears from her eyes and went running back to her car and left.

I know you, not your name or your family maybe but……I know …..your worries and your heart! Tonight, I will keep my thoughts on you and your little super dude when I say my own prayers, I will!

Everyone has a struggle, no one has it easy in this world! Y’all remember that!
This mom and her little hero was my own reminder!


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