why write?


  1. because it helps.
  2. because he can’t.
  3. because he has something to tell the world.
  4. because I have something to tell the world.
  5. struggles are big, progress is bigger.
  6. help exist if you chose to seek it out!
  7. set backs happen, sometimes writing it down is key to “seeing” the truth about why it happened.
  8. others exist like our family, connections are important.
  9. advocacy and awareness.
  10. consulting the family dog is not good for the parent nor the dog!
  11. passes time late at night when one is up waiting to make sure he’s really “out” for the night.
  12. positives need to be shared in a world where special needs tend to mean “isolation, limited access and discouragement”
  13. to set the record straight!
  14. because if you understand him better, you are less likely to misinterpret what he does and why, hence you will likely explain that better to your child (ren) and in the end, they will be more accepting of “different!” Yes, it’s your acceptance I seek first because what you accept, your child will grow to accept!
  15. to quote the great one: “A person’s a person, no matter how small!” Dr. Seuss, of course!
  16. sometimes haircuts, apple pie, socks, singing, crayons and standing still are difficult ….I can now explain how.
  17. i’ve seen only oatmeal eaten for breakfast for 365 days x 8 years!
  18. i’ve seen a non verbal child find his voice!
  19. love can win, I see it daily!
  20. Because in the words of a favorite movie quote “hope floats!”




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