Why does my family work to promote World Autism Awareness Day?

“Autism now affects 1 in 68 children”

That’s why! Read it again if you need to, I’ll wait. The overwhelming fact is that autism is going nowhere fast! it’s here to stay and while we cant seem to figure out a definite cause for such a rampant diagnosis being handed out left and right to children all around us, I don’t care! That’s right! I don’t care at the end of the day, it does not change the fact that our children need treatment¬†no matter the cause of why they have autism!

Another thing that keeps creeping up like a hungover drunk trying to get out of bed, is that “we” caregivers within the autism community cannot seem to agree on anything anymore and boy does it stink! What we call or how we address our loved ones with autism, their treatment, and the big one I come across like daily, “your child’s autism is not the same as my child, it’s not the same autism and so you don’t understand our struggle!” WHAT?

Okay, for starters autism community stop comparing one form of this diagnosis to another! For God’s sake, is part of the plight of us caregivers to not have a more understanding world for our children to live in? I just don’t get it anymore. My child may talk and yours may not. My child may stay in a self contained room or small group setting at school and yours may not. Guess what? They still have autism! I may say “this is my child, that has autism. You may say “my child has autism, this is him/her.” Guess what? Again, both of our children have the same diagnosis.

I may or may not do the exact treatment and or therapy plan as you do for your child’s autism needs and again, guess what? They both still need treatment for a diagnosis of autism!

I may chose to send my child to public school and you may chose to homeschool your child. Guess what? No change here either, both children STILL have a diagnosis of autism!

Why MUST we continue to be so divided in a community that needs to stand together, now more than ever?

I continue to want our children’s lives to change for the better but I don’t see how such an accomplishment can ever occur within a society that cannot seem to look past so much of the small things that at the end of the day just don’t matter.

I continue to support the cause of the greater good of all and I will use this month not to bicker about your child vs. mine but rather to promote the networking for much needed information and services that benefit our kids.

yes, we need awareness, and acceptance , and inclusion but we also need networking and community support of one another! How else are we, the caregivers to ask of the world around us if we don’t first support each other!Featured Image -- 185