Top 10 for the Hero that turned 10 this weekend!


  1. You did your best this week at school, even though it’s been one of your hardest school years ever!
  2. You made your dad feel like a kid again and re-live a little bit of his childhood by begging for your pet dog to get to sleep by your bedside!
  3. You gave me the ultimate compliment this week when you told me “I like you being my mom!” simply because I was spending time playing an iPad game with you!
  4. You ALWAYS eat your vegetables ~ Please teach the Tatertot this quality! Heck, any normal eating pattern that does not involve tossing food over the high chair would be acceptable!
  5. While you may not put them away, you are excellent at taking your toys back to your room when your are done playing with them!
  6. Your request for this birthday was simple and to the point! I have learned to embrace that about you, what makes you happy ~ makes you happy!
  7. I heard you say “This is the best birthday ever!” at least a dozen times this weekend! (My added bonus ~ you now know what makes up a dozen ~ for I taught you that one recently myself when yucky word problems were involved!)
  8. You did not stick your fingers in the birthday cake AND you ate a piece too!
  9. You were so dedicated to the request for your dog to stay in your room at night that you offered your own birthday money towards her a doggie bed!
  10. Your heart is big and you showed love today! When your parents worried about so many “things” that just didn’t matter and details that would either come together or not … were just you! Same Hero as always and it proved to be one awesome birthday to remember!